Always featuring new designed shapes with an emphasis on rich leathers, comfort and a extraordinary Spanish craftsmanship, each Begoña Cervera shoe exudes a timeless jewel.

Dancing is something magical and we want that every shoe also it is.

Combining looks and durability, our leathers are soft, practical and perfect for every occasion.

They are already 15 years since we throw to develop a work inspired by the exciting world of dancing. Since then, with very much tenacity, effort but also illusion and how not, passion, we have been working an own style based on the crafts, the comfort, the exclusivity and the design. Everything thinking always of you! 


Our shoes have a wide toe box for your greater comfort, providing the space you need to stretch and flex your feet easily. They are also reinforced with both, a protective heel to prevent being hurt while you are dancing. Swingz are firm-looking and well-fitting to help you keep balance when you dance, but also soft and comfortable inside to carefully protect your feet at all times.


Our shoes are entirely handcrafted in Elda (Alicante). Swingz is surrounded by highly skilled workers and qualified personnel who make it possible to offer individually designed products that fulfill the demands of your own imagination and needs.


From the minute you order your shoes until you receive them, we commit to a creative manufacturing process which involves the selection of details, such as the choice of materials, colour, style and heel height. Always supported by our personalised advice, we want your shoe to be unique and able to fit you as you deserve.